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Your support helps us to continually brand and promote business owners such as yourself! Content creators, small business owners, searching for something new to promote their online social media page or blog to new prospective buyers – you belong here. PMO has design this in particular digital platform just for you!

Black community new digital platform has arrived and suitable for all business types.

Welcome business owners – world wide! Post your business with us today! Show the world your business type. We have affordable prices to promote your business online and to gain the traffic that will give your online business a boost in annual sales.

The world is waiting to see your new custom brands and services that you provide.

Pixel Millions Online effective digital marketing solutions design just for your business. Our services cannot be match! Get listed today! 

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PMO First Live Venue

Giving thanks to our mighty power & creator and his son. 

A special thanks to singer and song writer “Patrice Hawthron”,

She has such energy to share and can light up a room, in fact any event. We look forward for more live performances from her in the coming months. 


#transformationtuesday Highlights from my recent talk at @pmophillyevents featuring @patrice.hawthorne Thank you for the intro. Love you Everytime I hit the stage I'm reminded of how my gifts make room for me in diverse ways - speaking, teaching, writing, producing, and publishing. It's a journey I'm profoundly grateful for. 🙏 📚 Exciting news! My best-selling book "Interview Your Way to Instagram Growth" is available now at It's your guide to leveraging interviews for impactful social media presence. 📢 Attention, fellow authors! December brings our 'Give the Gift of Knowledge' Series, and we're featuring an Author Spotlight. It's a perfect platform for you to share your journey and work. Interested in being featured? Just DM me for details. . . ... . . . #EmpowermentThroughWords #AuthorSpotlight #InstagramSuccess #SharingKnowledge #GratefulJourney

♬ original sound - Shelly Shell Williams

TV Producer & Business Promotor

A warm thank you to one of our very own Philly favorite for #30 years, 

“Shelly Williams”,

which shared her time and made a spectacular entry at the event.

She’s a well know publisher and community activist in Philly.

We would like to extend our deepest heart felt – love to her for sharing her time with

us and sharing some helpful details pertaining to marketing & promotion.


How to become a vendor ?

You may inqure about our next venu and reserve your table space.

Send us your business name – email – phone – Item discription and once our staff view your information,

a form will be sent to you to fill out first.

Payment will be requested once your table has been approved by our staff!



How Many PMO Blocks Ad Space Could Be Purchase

There’s unlimited space to purchase! If you would like to have a stand alone package, please visit our price chart page for more details.

How To Get Event Tickets


Tickets for our upcoming event are just a quick scan away! Simply place your phone camera upto the QR Code and scan! It will direct you straight to the tickets.

Once you reach the tickets section, you may selct thee amount of tickets you would like to purchase.

Welcome to PMO Billboard Marketing & Advertising

P.M.O. is the new internet sensation that every online business owner get’s branded and gain major website traffic. 

Are you an entrepreneur and looking to grow your online business or to gain a boost in anual sales? At every aspect of this new wave of online marketing will produce major online traffic for your business.

Our team will help with any questions or concerns that you may have. For any specific reason you need some assistance, you may send an inquriy!

The type of business owners we are looking to work with?

* Individual Entreprenuers *Small Business Owners * Nurses * Gift Shops * Corporate Gift Buyers

* Real Estate Companies/Agents * Mortgage Companies * Personnel Agencies
* Accounting Firms * LLC * Marketing Firms * Construction Companies
* Advertising Agencies * Insurance Agent * Management Companies * Law Firms
* Manufacturing Companies * Computer Companies * Credit Repair 

* Health Care  * Consulting Companies * General Organizations * Banks * Business Loans *Funding Businesses * Investors *Human Resource 



P.M.O. are not responsible for the content of external sites Links & Logos.

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New Platform For Online Business Owners! Support Black Owned Businesses Today!
New Platform For Online Business Owners! Support Black Owned Businesses Today!