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Pixel Millions Online Pricing 

Pick and choose from one of the price plans listed below on the price chart.



#1st Plan 

Frontpage Exposure
Listed For A Full Year
Website Link & Logo Added
Chat Room Key



#2nd Plan

Frontpage Exposure
Listed For #4 Years

Website Link & Logo Added

Chat Room Key
Free Gift



#3rd Plan

Frontpage Exposure For #6 Years

Website Link & Logo Listed

Chat Room Key
Free Gift
Special Gift From The Owner


Frequently Asked

+ What Do I Receive When I Purchase An P.M.O. Ad Space?

                  You’ll receive a single position on the front homepage, Which will also

                  would bring your link and logo major exposure and lots of web traffic.  

+ How Long Will My Ad Space Remain On Your Homepage?

         Once you have completed the process of signing up for a new account, and your payment has

        been accepted – our staff will have you up and running in less than 24 hours. Your company’s

        logo will remain on our homepage for a full year until the time comes around to renew your account.

+ What Do I Need To Get Started?

                         First have your budget in mind, the cost to join is $100.00 and up!

                         You must have your company’s logo and link to that particular website. 

+ Do You Help With Uploading New Customer Photo's And Website Link?

             Our staff aim to help each business owner with uploading our links and company’s logo!

+ Do You Have An Affiliate Program ?

                           We do have a referral program and we offer that to our buyers first.

                     Theirs many benefits when joining our new program. Don’t miss out! Join Today


Thanks to Our Future Sponsors!

A major thanks to our sponsors below which allow us to level up.

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