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Q: What do you offer to Business Owners?


A: We offer digital Marketing to all business owners that join our new homepage.

Also, you’ll have a golden the opportunity to receive major web traffic, and to network with

other businesses around the world. After sending in your payment & business logo & link,

we will then post it to our homepage – and that’s it.



Q. How much does it cost?


 Price start at $100. per block ad space but according to your budget, you may

purchase more if you like. You choose the amount of ad space, and we will do the rest!

This will allow us to deliver your business logo and link advertisement directly to users

around the world on the Internet. When your site link has been clicked on it will take 

prospects to your full page.



Q: Are these fake banner Impressions?


  A: Not all, real people visit your website dailyThese visitors will connect to your webpage

and your offerings concerning your products and services, and not redirect to our site.

 We deliver great exposure to your site. It’s not up to us to sell your merchandise,

that is totally up to you to sell & offer your product or service to them.


Q: Is the traffic consistent?


 A: Indeed Yes, Traffic consists of the individual which finds your

services or products that’s helpful to their specific needs.  




 Q: How long will I start to receive traffic?


   A: Traffic starts as soon as you purchase and upload your logo and

link no to our homepage and our staff will have it up and running shortly.

You will continue to receive web traffic for the whole year 


   Q: What kind of credit cards are accepted?


  A: We accept only these brand name credit cards

  (Visa, Master card, American Express, or certified Money orders only!





Q: What type of sites do you accept?


 A: We will not accept any sites which may contain links/banners

to adult or children sites with pornographic images or links, including sites

promoting hate speech, firearms, tobacco or alcohol related ads.






 Q: How will I know how much traffic I have received with my banner/ link on your page?


A: You should have a site counter on your site account so that you can

monitor how many visitors have been to your site. 

We can not control your site visitors!


Q: Am I getting a good deal?


  A: Absolutely. When using our service you will receive great traffic and

 our price is the best yet and very affordable indeed! We offer site visitors

  or prospective  buyers to click your banner to visit your site to reveal your

business site.






Email Questions?


Submit your concerns and questions to are customer service reps! 










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