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 PMO, Refund Policy Statement:



We revise all customers, after you have made a purchase of

block ad space to have your banner or company’s logo placed

onto our Homepage, we cannot offer you a refund.





               PMO Block Ad Space Are Non-refundable:



                                                                             Block Ad Space Purchases Are Final:



                        There are certain situations: Where No- Refunds are granted and this

                       is one of those  situations. So, be sure to calculate the exact amount

                       of block ad space that you would like to purchase, have your budget

                       in mind along with your logo or banner of your choice before you

                       upload of request our staff to upload it on to the homepage.

                       Remember that each single P.M.O. Block Ad Space starts at $100.00 each.




when taking part in making a single purchase, you are agreeing

to the rules and policy stated within. You must comply to the rules

with no objections! when you submit an image / our staff has the right

to reject your image at any time, if it doesn’t qualifies or fit to our standards

and rules in this agreement.


                             Any amount of block ad space purchase will not be returned once

                             you are listed onto the site. Once your logo/ banner and link has

                             been listed onto the homepage, it’s a reserved position on our

                          homepage for full year! it will not be taken down until

                          the time of renewal comes around and then you can make 

                          that choice, you would like to continue with the renewing

                          of your account with us here at

   Please, be very patient with our staff they are very busy with

other customers and will get back to you less than 24 hours.

Please, do us a favor and share our link with business owners!
























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