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 We welcome corporations sponsors (or individuals sponsors) to sponsor our new business owners frontpage called: [Pixel Millions Online]

in a recurring way. The company can receive various benefits depending on sponsorship level. We are pleased to partner with sponsors,

businesses large or small who share our vision to help with New Launch of Pixel Millions Online Grand Opening and to bring businesses

together in our community. Being a partner with P.M.O., connects your business an incredible community of donors and volunteers who

are dedicated to supporting the businesses and organizations that share the same Vision. 


Sponsorship conditions and advantages

     A sponsor has to commit to funding the full amount needed for this event depending on the sponsorship level in full

    two weeks before the due date of the event.

      • Sponsorships are always great for business startups 

      • Within a sponsorship level, sponsors are listed in the chronological order of their joining the sponsorship program

      • We reserve the right to change sponsorship levels in the future

      • The logo (if applicable) needs to be a static image, PNG is preferred

      • The link needs to point to the sponsor’s homepage

      • The text (for text link or alternative text for image) can contain only your company name

      • We’re not accepting sponsors in the following areas: adult content, gambling-related, binary options sites, certain alcohol, tobacco, or smokeless tobacco products, or sites linking to illegal content. If you have a potential site that aren’t part of the said areas above, you can email our sponsorship team for confirmation or details

      • The sponsorship terms are below and we welcome all sponsorship for our main event our new sponsors/ partner.


    Sponsorship levels



    LevelEvent amount (USD)Logo/link
    Diamond$50000 logo on home page and PMO event sponsor’s page, 30 entry tickets ,Table/Booth, Stage Representing Business
    Platinum$35000 logo on home page and PMO event sponsor’s page 20 entry tickets, Table/Booth, Stage Representing Business
    Gold$27000logo or text link on home page and PMO event sponsor’s page 10 entry tickets, Table/Booth, Stage Representing Business
    Silver$15000 logo only PMO event on sponsor’s page
    Bronze$7000text link on PMO event sponsor’s page


     Sponsorship process

       Before starting the process make sure your sponsorship fits our conditions. If unsure ask us at

        1. Please get in touch with us by sending us at email at and we will provide you with payment information together with invoice.

        1. The invoice can be paid by wire transfer, Paypal, or paper check, cash App, and instructions for payment will be provided with the invoice. These methods of payment save the PMO, a lot in credit card processing fees, and puts more of your sponsorship to work in supporting our project. For Bronze level you can pay conveniently using PayPal.

        1. Received payment is processed by This usually takes about one about one week but might be delayed in times they are heavily loaded.

        1. Your link and/or logo is placed to our website (depending on your sponsorship level).

      New sponsors


       We are looking for sponsorship for our new Pixel Millions Online Digital Hub Promotional Launch / Job Fair Grand Opening event this year 2023.

      Please, consider sponsoring the PMO Expo with a yearly donation. The money will be used to improve PMO, bring business owners and sponsors to this expo

      and to cover costs for services required to run the project itself.

      Please note: that we might refuse to link to some sites which we consider unethical or inappropriate.



      We greatly thank you for your support!



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