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About Us

Welcome to PixelMillionsOnline.com, Thanks for visiting our new homepage.

We are the hottest new wave of digital internet marketing sensation for online business

owners across the web. We started approaching this concept to bring back online business owners under

one single roof in 2018, and now we are so excited to make our first grandstand with a New Grand Opening

on November 2022, on the worldwide for existing and startup businesses to join.



Our new Homepage will bring much attention to business owners on the personal website.

This would also bring like-minded individuals together in great spirits and splendid fashion.

Our aim here is to showcase each single business owner on our new homepage for the prospective

buyer’s world to see!


PixelMillionsOnline.com, has committed itself to bring major web traffic to its customers by simply

offering block advertising space by using this unique way of 3D Blocks advertising space! Each block

contains #100 pixels value of $100 per block. Each customer has the option to purchase many blocks

of advertising space that’s not taken and with no limits!


Now, to get started with your first purchase, simply take your computer mouse and

place it above one block of ad space at a time.

Select the amount that’s right for you.



Simply, scroll over how many blocks you would like to select for your business logo.

If your budget is just $100.00, you will then select #1 block! If your budget is more,

you may select more blocks of your choice, that’s totally up to you! The more

block ad space that you purchase, the more web traffic you will receive.





After you are finished with your block and space selection, you will continue to follow

the prompts with the checkout page. Complete your checkout and when you

are finished, you need to upload your company’s logo and link to your

very own business or personal website.

If you are having a problem with your upload, place your logo along with

the link that’s attached to your business website or blog and send it in the

form of an email and send it over to our staff, and they will help you with

getting up and running in less than 24 hours.



Once your logo and link become visual to the public, you may receive heavy

traffic on your website or personal blog. Our staff do not have time to

upload & take down your banner/logo, it’s time consuming and we are busy

with other situations helping other customers. Please select your most

favorite the first time. This would save us a ton of problems.




Make sure that you have a traffic monitor on your website to keep track 

of your very own visitors. We are not responsible for traffic on your personal

page but only on our site. Share the link with friends

and family members, That’s it…

As a caution:

 We check all links and websites, and we do not allow any form of porn

or children’s photo’s on our homepage. And if you are caught sending a

link or website containing such, You will be reported to the local and

international authorities and band forever!

we will assist them to prosecute all parties involved.

Share the link with friends and family members.

©2022- 55 Pixel Millions Online ™. All Rights Reserved. ®

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