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Why Become a P.M.O. Event  Sponsor?




Investing in a corporate sponsorship with The P.M.O. Online Small Business Advertising & Networking Hub, isn’t just the right thing to do—it also makes smart business sense.

There are four key ROIs your business will reap by offering your services as a sponsors:

It promotes a positive brand.

Joining forces with The P.M.O. will allow you tell to your customers that you are taking a stand to support equality and fairness for business owners with promotional disabilities.


It increases brand awareness.

The P.M.O. (Pixel Millions Online) has nearly 25,600 views across all social media platforms around the country and growing with a super new staff team.

That is a significant number of new potential customers learning about your company’s support through The P.M.O.’s promotion of your sponsorship.


It reaches a wider demographic.

Imagine the new demographics that The Pixel Millions Online will enable you to reach—expert professionals, dedicated self-advocates, fiercely loyal family members and

other unpaid caregivers, and passionate direct support workers in the clack community. There are over 15 million people without employment in communities in the

United States and over 80 million family members who love and care for them.


It enhances the customer experience.

For the vast majority of customers, supporting and uplifting local business owners in their community.


 Executives, board members, self-advocates, staff members, families, vendors, business owners and thought leaders shall visit

“The P.M.O.’s Business & Job Fair Expo” vents for new ideas, branding, promotional website support, products, and services to

take their work skills to the next level.

 Our Corporate Sponsorship package allows you to interact with our allow you to interact with our network throughout the year in person

and through our marketing   channels, driving maximum value for our sponsors.   


Please, visit the Event Sponsorship page for more details. We greatly thank you in advance for your support.




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